Frequently Asked Questions
Why should someone become a member of the DMMA?

The DMMA is a group of organisations that are interested in developing the Zimbabwean ‘online industry’ and influencing the society, government and industry in matters of digital publishing. Being a part of this body will help you not only know where the industry is headed but also to add your voice to which direction you’d want it to go.

How do I become a member of the DMMA?

The organisation is still in its formative stages and registration have not yet commenced. To ‘join’ this foundation group simply have your name added to our mailing list and attended our bi-weekly meet-ups and add your contributions.

Do I pay a joining fee to become a part of the organisation?

No individual or organisational membership joining fee is currently required, though this may be reviewed in time.

What are the benefits of being a member?

Meeting peers in the same industry allows us to share notes and experiences of what has transpired in the local online industry, while at the same time allowing us to influence on government policies on digital with a unified voice from the relevant offices. Platform to stay abreast with changes in technology.

What are the rules that I will need to abide by when being a member?

The ‘Constitution’ for the organisation is currently being developed but ultimately we’re looking for people who have the interests of ‘online’ at heart, are honest and have integrity.

When was the DMMA formed?

An attempt to form the DMMA was made in 2012, however due to various reasons that was not successful and this has been revived now in March 2016.

Who are the members of the organisation?

The current ‘members’ of the community of interest as those in the content creation (newspapers, bloggers, classifieds), web designers and advertising agencies. The list of members currently subscribed to this community of interest is on DMMA website.

When and where do members meet?

Meetings take place bi-weekly on Tuesday evenings, currently in Harare as that is where the bulk of the attendees are operating from.

Does the DMMA offer training and/or consultancy?

No, the DMMA does not offer such services at this moment.

How do I become a certified member?

A ‘certified member’ will be defined as per our Constitution and details of such will be advised in due course.

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